Sunday, November 20, 2011

Personal Log

Two days ago  I saw a 47" LG 47LK950 FullHD 3DTV with 5 3D glasses included for 649 Euro.
When we got the Fuji 3D W3 I compared her pictures on two different 3D TV. One with passive and one with active glasses. My wife agreed with me that our pictures on the passive TV looked better, more life like.
With my Epson EH-TW5900 no where to be seen and no dealer on our little island even heard of it it might take a while to get one.
I put a few 3D pictures and some 3D demos on a stick and after 10 min of viewing we gladly payed the 649 Euro and now this blog will finally kick off since I have now the right screen to watch, judge and learn more what works if you shoot 3D and what not and I will gladly share that with you.
this picture from our island looks awesome in 2D to 3D conversion

Looks like there is a new player in town, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 with full HD 3D (1920 x 1080 pixels, side by side, 60i), a 3.5" wide 2D touch screen and 25mm wide angle ( 3D = 33 - 132 mm) and 8MP in 3D for the old price of the W3.
The lenses are kind of close together...


On my last visit to our local super stores I noticed at Worten a Fuji camera with 2 lenses for 199 Euro. The 3D W3 looked kind of nice and the price also. Doing some research on the net it appeared that the Fujifilm 3D W3 for 199 Euro is quite a bargain and also one of the better dedicated 3D cameras. Since I passed this year on the Sony HX9V and I am so looking forward to get the Epson EH-TW5900 I thought the W3 would be the perfect match to create my own 3D content. This is the blog to see if I was right.

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